Sterling, Massachusetts

CLASS SESSIONS meet two or three days per week, either in the morning from 9:15-11:45 AM or in the afternoon from 12:30-3:00 PM.  An extended day option for lunch is also available for a small additional fee.  The school year begins the week after Labor Day and ends just prior to Memorial Day.

CURRICULUM is developed around topics of interest and encompasses a wide variety of hands-on activities designed to encourage critical thinking skills as well as to serve as a solid basis for future school readiness.  The program is designed to foster maximum development in the following areas:  communication and language, socialization, self-expression, values, aesthetic appreciation, physical skills, intellectual competency and personal autonomy.

CLASSROOM CENTERS are utilized to accomplish the goals of the program and facilitate the theme related daily activities.  These include dramatic play, blocks, science, music, art, cooking, manipulative games and puzzles and a sensory table featuring sand/water play.  A well-equipped playground is available adjacent to the preschool providing for gross motor skill building.

CURRENT DAILY ACTIVITIES can be found in tri-weekly class-specific theme calendar (Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday).  A monthly parent newsletter addresses topics of more general interest.

CONNECTING WITH FAMILIES is a priority and their involvement at the preschool  greatly valued.  Fostering a positive home/school connection eases this all important transition for young children and builds a strong sense of community within our program.  We accomplish this goal in many ways at Village Green.